Leading entrepreneur Rouzbeh Pirouz supports a number of charitable causes | Rouzbeh Pirouz
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Entrepreneur Rouzbeh Pirouz strongly advocates for people who live with physical disabilities


Rouzbeh Pirouz is a world-leading entrepreneur with years of high-profile success in business, finance and tech. He also lives with a physical disability. His experience in work, education and life has given him a focus – to improve the lives of disabled people.


He financially and emotionally supports the causes of disabled people around the world, with a particular focus on those in developing countries.


Trustee for UK charities and patron of the arts


Rouzbeh has a serious interest in the arts. He’s a patron of the arts across multiple projects in Europe and the Middle East.


His philanthropic ventures also include the arts in Europe and the Middle East as well as acting as Trustee for several UK charities.


Rouzbeh has contributed to the development of accessibility for disabled students at Oxford University and also supports children’s education in South Africa.


Rouzbeh is also on the Harvard Iranian Alumni (HIA) Advisory Board where he acts as an advisor, mentor and supporter of the non-profit group run by Harvard University.


In the UK he supports the Iran Heritage Foundation where he served as a Trustee for many years.