Find out about the life and work of leading entrepreneur Rouzbeh Pirouz | Rouzbeh Pirouz
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Find out more about entrepreneur and tech success Rouzbeh Pirouz


Born in Tehran in Iran, Rouzbeh and his family emigrated to Vancouver, Canada when he was seven years old. He moved to the US to complete his undergraduate degree at Stanford, followed by a graduate degree from Harvard.


By the late 1990s, Rouzbeh was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in the UK, studying to be a Doctor of Philosophy. While at Oxford, Rouzbeh was bitten by the tech bug, which led him to dive into the world of entrepreneurial tech.


A tech entrepreneur success story – about Rouzbeh Pirouz and


In 1997 he co-founded London-based A fast-growing tech start-up in the business procurement sector, Mondus quickly became a leading European tech firm thanks to successful venture capital investment.


Rouzbeh took on the role of CEO and raised more than $150 million in strategic and venture capital funding. A return of more than 10x the initial stake from original VC investor 3i was achieved.


Mondus was sold to Telecom Italia in 2002 and Rouzbeh went on to co-found Pelican Partners with Tim de Borde. Based in London, the firm is a private equity and real estate holding firm. The company was founded with the aim of delivering outstanding ROI from holdings in the capital markets, property and private equity.


Pelican Partners is a continuing success story


Nearly 20 years’ later, Rouzbeh still heads up Pelican Partners as a Senior Partner. Over that time he has completed numerous transactions and achieved historic average returns of more than IRR 20%.


Rouzbeh also founded a successful frontier market asset management group in 2006.


Business experience spanning a number of continents and sectors


UK based for the past 20 years, Rouzbeh is an experienced entrepreneur with immense experience garnered from around the world. Having lived and worked in Canada, the US and Spain, he is uniquely versed in cultural nuances.


Using his decades of work and life experience launching, managing and selling tech and finance businesses, Rouzbeh frequently contributes to local and international publications. His thought leadership on economic, financial and business issues gives a fascinating and unique viewpoint.


Philanthropy and advocacy for people with physical disabilities


As he lives with a physical disability, Rouzbeh is committed to furthering the causes of disabled people, particularly those in developing countries.


His philanthropic ventures also include the arts in Europe and the Middle East. As well as acting as Trustee for several UK charities.